Thursday, September 30, 2010

Just keeping you guys in the loop

Alright it's been a while since last post. Life and work and bills have gotten in the way of much work being done.

We are still working on it. We're not sure when we will be releasing at this point. We may even just release all documentation and coding we have thus far to the community so someone else can try their hand at it. Though at this point were not yet sure how were going to proceed.

I will let everyone know what is going to happen in the next week or so.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Okay so an update in a long time.

Normal life has resumed for me and I am currently extremely busy, hence the lack of updates. BUT the project is still going. We have fixed the voltage issues with a modified usb cable but not yet satisfied with it.

Because of the increase in the things going on in my life now things will progress slowly. I will make sure to update once a week for you guys.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010


For the lack of updates guys. Will post soon. Been extremely busy as of late.

Friday, September 10, 2010


I realize that their are many other ports released already. My hope is to make it easier to do using only an apk. We have almost figured out the over voltage issues.
Still working diligently

Netzke dev team.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Question for my viewers.

Can anyone here compile for the ti 84+/se ? The port that was released for that did not have the ability to play backups. I took the original source and modified it to allow backups to play. So if anyone can compile please comment and I will send you the source. All credit goes to original developer.

Sorry update. Ti 84+ my mistake.

Update again: sorry i should have looked into it a little more than just doing a quick patch. Though I hear a proper fix is in the works. Once again I apoligize.

Beta is still scheduled for end of week. But we are still going through quite a few issues. I will be emailing testers when this is ready. Until then you will not hear from me as I will be putting my efforts into that.

As a side note for those who have not guessed.

Do not update to 3.42 until something is released to to exploit that or another work around is found (proxy aside of course) this will not work on 3.42.

Okay what a day guys.

So all morning I have been dealing with messages of "You are a fraud" this is incorrect. Also for all of those filing claims about donations here is paypals policy on it.

According to the User Agreement, PayPal's Buyer Complaint Policy applies
only to the shipment of goods and not to services and other intangible
goods. For that reason, we are unable to take any action regarding this
complaint. We encourage you to work directly with the buyer to resolve this

Donations are and have always been non refundable.

On to more pressing issues.

I think I have resolved the issue of the power spikes. Though it may require some devices to have a resistor placed onto the + power line of the usb cable before connecting it.

more info soon. Gotta keep dealing with these people.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Q and A


1.What hardware will this work on?

Should work on all phones and tablets.
Just usb cable needed so far, may change depending on how we fix this issue.

2.Will the phone be usable while running exploit/will it have to stay attached?

No you will not be able to use the phone while exploit is being completed. Though after your ps3 is fully on you will be able to remove phone and use as normal.

3. When will public release happen?/When will beta release happen?

Public release will be within a month of beta release. Beta will hopefully be by end of week assuming we can fix the electric issue.

Can't give a specific date as of yet because of the electrical issue.

4.What phones are the issues occuring on?

The electrical issue is occuring on all hardware that we have tested. Which is:
Magic (burnt out now)
Galaxy (burnt out now)
Nexus one (burnt out now)
Tablet (still running but has shut off every time now)

5.What phones are planned for early (pre beta) testing.

I will personally be testing a few more phones before beta in order to make sure this electrical problem is solved.

6. What phones are you still going to test?
mini 3i
Iphone running android OS

If there are any more questions comment and I will put them up.

Good morning again guys.

Just a quick update to let everyone know that I'm working.

I'm still getting comments that there are no such things as hurricanes in canada.. Check the news guys.

Secondly there are a lot of open disputes on my donation account right now. For all those who are bitching keep in mind these WERE DONATIONS. Not an exchange for goods. I will not be refunding stupid disputes like this. If you want to escalate. It only slows me down when I have to deal with things like that.

The release is beta is still scheduled to start for the end of the week. Though depending on how much more crap I have to deal with it may take longer. On top of that I heard new shellcode for the PSgroove is to be released today. I will be taking a look and updating as I see fit.

The iOS release is still being worked on but beta should be out in the next week or two.

I'm still running into the problem of the draining power/to much power. This is not good as I have now fried 3 phones. But I am still working on it. I have determined that in times of to much power the ps3 is feeding the phone to much voltage and it fries the phone. In times of not enough power the phone is feeding the ps3 to much voltage. Why this does not fry the ps3 I am not sure. I will be discussing this further with my team today.

Other than that most of the bugs that I know of have been dealt with.

I don't think I will be accepting much in the way of comments for this post. Unless it is a really good question.

Thanks for the patience and I will see you again soon.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Last update of the night.

Sorry for the early night guys. I didn't get a lot accomplished today either. Still cleaning up after the hurricane.

Interestingly enough I got a comment saying I was a "lie because there is no such thing as hurricanes in canada"

Anyways. I will be updating as I can. I'm trying to clean up the bugs I know exist before going beta. Though the beta is still on time for the end of the week. I may not update for the next day or so because of the fact that I am trying to get this going for you guys and checking comments is mostly a waste of time as there are very few are questions that can be answered.

The major issue is that currently the phones seem to be 'shorting out' I'm not really sure what is going on as of yet. I will be going at this most of the night and all of the week till it is fixed. I do not want to delay beta release. The phones seem to either loose power and reboot, or have to much power and blow something. So far this has been tested on 3 different phones. While the exploit works there is no reason to blow a phone over it..

Thanks for your patience and I will be getting back to all of you soon.
Netzke Dev Team

Update (finally)

Alright sorry guys for the 24 hour delay. I was hit very badly by a hurricane. As it is right now I have a million things to do to catch up.

A few things to address.

Those receiving an email from or any email saying that you will receive .apk or any other file upon completion of donation is a FAKE. I will not be responsible for those who replied or donated to that address.

The beta release for android is on still in the works because of the 24 hours without power. Those who have opened disputes and continue to email me asking for an apk will be kicked from the beta team. I do not have time to deal with it. Those who have opened disputes are welcome to escalate it keeping in mind it was a DONATION.

The people needed for android beta is NOW ZERO. No more people will be accepted. We have enough people and we will start weeding out those who do not belong in it. Those who have been harassing me will be kicked. Along with those who continuously open disputes on me only to donate again and do the same thing.

We will be closing the donation box for now because of the amount of trouble it caused for the Netzke Dev team. For those of you who didn't cause any trouble and have stuck with me Thank you.

As far as iOS testing goes those that have been accepted will stay accepted and beta testing will be closed for now until all of this is sorted out.

Sorry for all the major inconvenience because of the hurricanes. Before emailing me please FULLY READ the blog. A lot of questions can be answered. You do not need to read the comments just my own posts.

If things continue to get bad comments will be disabled and a block will be put on my email to only allow my team members to get through. I don't want to have to do this as I believe in communication with my team mates and my users.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

It has been brough to my attention

that there is a scam email going around from THIS IS NOT MY ADDRESS. Please only donate through the donate button. If you receive a confirmation from me you will see your original paypal receipt as well as I reply to those. Thanks

Start of a new day.

Well good morning again everyone. I have a few things I need to address here today.

Starting with the foremost one. I have received over 20 emails saying "I donated a few hours ago where is my invite" Can you not read? I was asleep. I already put over 18 hours a day into this. And to top it all off some of those people HAVEN'T donated. I'm not stupid. I can check logs.

Secondly the amount of flaming I'm receiving is crazy. Really people if your not impressed with my work go somewhere else. I'm not forcing you to continuously check my blog or twitter. There was never a requirement to donate but as I'm taking days off work to do this for you people it's nice to get some. I have now had to explain myself to blogspot twice about this and it's getting a bit out of control. If this continues I will have to shut down the blog and go somewhere else. If you think you can do better please do.

I'm going to pull apart my phones today and see what was up with the flickering screen. I have a feeling that some bug is forcing it to draw to much power. Or perhaps the ps3 is feeding it to much. Either way one of my phones are now dead because of this. Do not worry though as I will fix this issue and you will not have it.

Those who keep asking me about facebook or msn. I do not have facebook. And I will not add you to msn. I'm busy enough without a thousand needless questions. If we require your help we will ask for it.

As a heads up for today, I'm currently running off batteries and UPS's as I'm being hit by a hurricane. I may or may not be able to be on a lot today because of this.

The comments will obviously remain moderated for the time being due to the flaming. So there will still be a delay in comments. Please don't double post.

I think that covers it all for now. I'm sorry if I have come off sounding short but I really am at the end of my rope. We are still accepting beta's for android for now but that may be over at the end of today. iOS beta's are still being accepted though.

I'll update you as I can.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Final note of the night.

I've been working pretty hard through this. I will be taking a few hours to sleep now. Your comments may not appear for several hours because of this. I'm not sure what the rest of the team is planning to do. Chances are they will also be taking a break for a few hours.

Beta for Iphone is open now. Beta release in the next week +- 3 days.
Beta for android is still open but we will be closing it soon

A video will be released within the next few days. of both the iOS port and the Android port.

Those who do donate may not receive confirmation for a while. But we will try our best.

Donate button is on the top right for those who have been asking.

For those who have been wondering whats going on as far as progress goes. We have run into quite a few bugs. The screen flickering is the most concerning as we're not sure whats actually going on yet. The freezing is another issue were working on. And the reboot is another troubling issue. We will hopefully have this resolved asap.

Thanks for understanding that people have to sleep :P

Small update.. or not you decide. (EDITED)

With the android port running along smooothly because of the new formation of the Netzke Dev team we are on schedule and have the beta out for next week.

Also as a slightly bigger news update because Netzke is now a dev team we have decided to run with our new port for the iOS system. It is also running along smoothly and we hope to have a beta starting up within the next few days with a beta release coming in by next monday. For those that wish to join please post here or send an email out. Same rules for the android beta apply for this beta.

those are :
You can still get into the beta without donating.
Comments will still be moderated.
Also you may see posts from members of my team. Those will appear from my name in the comments. However different devs will sign the bottom of their post to let you know the difference.

BETA For android release date: Within the next week if everything goes as planned
BETA For iOS release: Within the next two weeks if everything goes as planned.

We are still accepting beta's for the android release.

When Emailing please note which beta you wish to be involved in. If you think you have something to contribute please contact.

Edit: You require a jailbroken Iphone for this of course. Apple would remove the app in a second. So jailbroken is really the only way.
Netzke Dev Team


Good news. Video camera is on order. Should be here shortly so I can get a video up for you guys.

We still have beta slots open. Once again 15$ makes you eligible for a possible spot. But if you don't donate you may still get picked.

We are still swamped with requests so it may take a while to get your confirmation email.

Thanks, Netzke Dev Team


Now that I have cleaned up the comments a little bit and got rid of a lot of the flamers We can now have valid questions enter the comments.

Im really hoping to get down to the store today to get a video camera for you guys. But times are busy.

I'll update again as soon as possible.

To answer a few questions out loud though

1. Im not entirely sure if it works on the netbook running android.
2.Beta tester slots ARE still open.

3.I will be accepting unique cases who don't donate just because of rare hardware that I want to try for compatibility.

4. We are slightly off schedule due to the flamers and other slight setbacks but we are hoping to have beta going within the week still.

5. No im not german..:P

6. BIG POINT HERE GUYS: Please do not post your donation number on the comments. Reply to my email instead. People may take your donation number for themselves and if I see theirs in email then I would have added someone who didnt actually deserve it. thanks.

Slight delay in comments

Due to the recent large amount of flaming I have decided to enable moderated comments. I will still allow almost all comments through except those written by people who just want to hurt others and try to make themselves look cool.

If this is a problem for any of you please let me know via comment and I will publish it and respond (NO FLAMING)

I will get a video up as soon as possible but given the fact that I now have to moderate comments things will take a little longer. But thats what happens when people want to ruin things for everyone.

There is a good side to this however as I can now read everyones comments and post quick answers to questions.

Pics for my friends!!!!!

Not much right now. Working on procuring a video camera.
But here are some screen shots from the android itself!

Please comment and donate if possible.

This is when clicking Run Exploit Based on OPSj Still working on this.

This is the standard GUI when you first open the screen

And here is the run exploit that 'works' there are some interesting bugs such as sometimes the phone will reboot and other times it will flash to a cli like screen. Other times you end up with just a flickering screen that will stop after the exploit is complete.

Beta testing will begin soon.
We are still accepting testers. I have asked one of my current testers to help me manage them.

Another note that I should make is that I have also started on the iphone port. Thanks for all my voters. I will begin getting things together for that after I come up with the money for a iphone or ipod touch.

Good morning.

Good morning again everyone. Today will be an exciting day as I have a lot of stuff lined up for everyone watching.

Due to popular demand we will be increasing the beta tester amount. I will be emailing one of my testers to help me manage them shortly and together we will decide on a new amount that would be reasonably managed.

On the note of beta testers I was sleeping guys, be reasonable. :P . Donates will be chosen first.. Don't worry as I'm still looking through people who have not donated for testers too. If you have not yet received your email please be patient. I just woke up.

Proof will be coming in later today. Hopefully in the form of a video if not I will for sure be getting some pictures up and a detailed 'where we are' progress report.

Thanks for being patient guys and thanks so much for all the support. I really appreciate it.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Off for now I will be back in a few hours.

I have been working at this for over 30 hours straight now. I'm off to get some sleep. I will be sure to get you guys a special gift tomorrow HINT(**deo)

We will be selecting a few more beta testers but the slots are seriously narrowing. If you think I should increase the amount of beta testers please let me know. Also if I do increase the beta tester amount I will be appointing one or more of them to help me manage the beta testers.

Thanks for all the donations so far. Every little bit helps.
As a added reward all those who have donated $15 or more will get a special mention on the app itself!

More to come soon thanks for your patience.

more of an update

Okay so I feel as though I have to address a few concerns here.

For all of those wondering about low level usb access. You DO have access to it on a rooted phone if you know what your doing.

The beta will be out by next week.

As far as donations are concerned. Yes I do ask for them because this uses up quite a bit of my own free time. Those who are on the beta test will be recieving thanks in the credits of the release as well.

When I ask for donations im not requesting much. Just enough to help me out while I help you out. If you'd rather me release on the market so I can make a few dollars for the hours of work I put into this than so be it. Those who have been following me know that I have been at this for quite a while.

If the harassment continues than I will shut down the openness of this and stick to a market only application. I am doing this for the community and don't want to have to do that.

As far as beta testers are concerned we are only looking for eight more before we start the trials.

Thanks for your time and I hope that this can remain what it is a great thing for the community. If you think you can do better than by all means try to do so.

current state of beta testers

So far we still need 12 beta testers.

As always donates will come first.

The beta testing will begin within the next week.

Im trying to keep up with the volume of comments and emails. To make things simpler I will no longer be replying to questions on twitter that are not from dev's.

All questions will be answered here.

And please remember to donate if you want a better chance of getting selected for beta or if you like to work im doing.

those wondering about possible leak

Currently there is no leak. Any and all files claiming to be so are fake.

Also regarding beta testing the application will be made specific for each persons device. It will take longer this way but you will be unable to share the app.

The app will not boot on someone elses phone!
I realize this is a long method but this will help to prevent leaking.

The apk itself will also be encrypted.


Thanks but theres more to come

So far 4 people have been selected as beta testers.

More will be coming. Due to the large increase of people wanting in on the beta ive decided to manage a 25 person beta.

Im going to try and spread around the types of phones and versions that I can to get a thorough beta test.

Also Thanks to the people that donated. I believe they made it onto the beta as well.

As always people who donate will be getting picked first.

Also I've heard rumours that people think I will be selling this on the market. That is incorrect. Upon completion this will be released for everyone to have.

Thanks for your time again. And also if you cant donate but feel like helping me out. click some ads :P

Please post here for beta testing!

Eligible beta testers must have:
Rooted phone
any Android OS
Unknown sources enabled menu->settings->applications->Unknown sources enabled
Have USB DEBUGGING enabled menu->settings->applications->Development->usb debugging
Any android PHONE
Valid email address
and able to keep a secret or two :P

Also Those who donate will be picked from first.
I'm looking for about 15 testers.

If you donated just leave a comment saying you donated and someway I can contact you.

As a note for donations. They will not be refunded as they are DONATIONS.

Thanks. Beta testing will begin within the next week.

Just letting you know.

To quell some rumours this is NOT a rom. IT DOES NOT REQUIRE A FLASH TO YOUR PHONE!! This is a standard .apk with some extras. IT WILL NOT BE SIGNED FOR OBVIOUS REASONS. Which means you will have to have OTHER SOURCES enabled on your phone. Thanks.


I know I'm jumping ahead of myself a bit... (or am I) But what should be my next project?

Iphone Port
Arduino Port
Ti calc port.
Please comment!

Note on min. Req.

Currently the only real requirement is that your phone be rooted and running an android OS.
Also this is not limited to just phones. You can also use an android tablet. Or any other device you have that runs Android os. It appears to work on my netbook as well.

If you have any questions please comment. And also please donate if possible, this uses us a lot of my free and not so free time.

Great things are coming.

I now have the android phone doing pretty much all that i want it to do. A few edits here and there and I'll have something special soon!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

UPDATE: Wen Sep 1st

Currently have the Android booting into usb b mode and emulating two devices. Please respond if you have any questions about anything! Or if you want to contribute OR if you want to test. I will be accepting a certain amount of people soon. I must first get enough money to host a secure server for all of this as I will be continuing my android coding (Possible beta testers will be accepted from list of people who donate first then from comments. Thanks) Please note that Donations are non refundable.

Just wanted to let you all know that you can check for updates and donate here!

I will be updating periodically here and on twitter with everything that I accomplish. I will be giving a estimated release date soon..