Sunday, September 5, 2010

Last update of the night.

Sorry for the early night guys. I didn't get a lot accomplished today either. Still cleaning up after the hurricane.

Interestingly enough I got a comment saying I was a "lie because there is no such thing as hurricanes in canada"

Anyways. I will be updating as I can. I'm trying to clean up the bugs I know exist before going beta. Though the beta is still on time for the end of the week. I may not update for the next day or so because of the fact that I am trying to get this going for you guys and checking comments is mostly a waste of time as there are very few are questions that can be answered.

The major issue is that currently the phones seem to be 'shorting out' I'm not really sure what is going on as of yet. I will be going at this most of the night and all of the week till it is fixed. I do not want to delay beta release. The phones seem to either loose power and reboot, or have to much power and blow something. So far this has been tested on 3 different phones. While the exploit works there is no reason to blow a phone over it..

Thanks for your patience and I will be getting back to all of you soon.
Netzke Dev Team


  1. My X10 mini thanks you for fixing the bugs prior to release!


  2. Awesome, can't wait for the release :) Thanks for your hard work!

  3. Haha, It's funny how people think you MUST do that. Like you would have to lie just to have 24h free. Really, you're been awesome keeping people update, I wouldn't do that, I would just wait, get a few friends to test, and then release. But that's just me :P

    Thank you for your hard work.
    I'm trying to port the PSFreedon to Android, but it just makes my phone reboot. No success at all. Anyway, keep up the good work, and hopefully we will see your release up and running! :P

  4. Hey, have you recorded the current/voltage on the lines? I wonder if your getting a bit of feedback on the line?
    Just a thought. It may be that you are getting collisions and data is trying to poll on the line at the same time.


  5. Thanks bro, I reckon sony wasted their money on a hurricane machine trying to stop you ;-) In all seriousness thanks for the mammoth effort. As a thought perhaps there's something you can do to make the device draw power from the PS3 which might prevent/reduce battery drain? Is this problem. Also remember android has a highly informative ability to tell you which programs and processes are draining its power in the settings menu. I wonder if perhaps splitting up parts of the program into separate simulataneously running programs that share information might allow you to take advantage of this to narrow down where in your code the problem lies... (running them, letting the phones drain a bit, then check the settings to see which component of your code has got battery draining going through the roof? Just a thought!

  6. One question, i dont see my Samsung Galaxy I7500 here:

    Can't work in this device?

    Thanks :D

  7. Release your source code on github, many people can help you!