Monday, September 6, 2010

Q and A


1.What hardware will this work on?

Should work on all phones and tablets.
Just usb cable needed so far, may change depending on how we fix this issue.

2.Will the phone be usable while running exploit/will it have to stay attached?

No you will not be able to use the phone while exploit is being completed. Though after your ps3 is fully on you will be able to remove phone and use as normal.

3. When will public release happen?/When will beta release happen?

Public release will be within a month of beta release. Beta will hopefully be by end of week assuming we can fix the electric issue.

Can't give a specific date as of yet because of the electrical issue.

4.What phones are the issues occuring on?

The electrical issue is occuring on all hardware that we have tested. Which is:
Magic (burnt out now)
Galaxy (burnt out now)
Nexus one (burnt out now)
Tablet (still running but has shut off every time now)

5.What phones are planned for early (pre beta) testing.

I will personally be testing a few more phones before beta in order to make sure this electrical problem is solved.

6. What phones are you still going to test?
mini 3i
Iphone running android OS

If there are any more questions comment and I will put them up.


  1. Are there any other phones planned, like the Xperia X10 (mini) ? :oP

  2. One Question left.
    Did the Android version run on the Iphone clssic, 3g, Touch 1st and 2nd Gen by idroid?

    And a 2nd^^:
    What about a close Beta for the Iphone/touch/ipad?


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  4. another question - iphones are safe from blowing up ? :)

    and the iPhone porting will be on native iOS or do i have to be running android OS on it to work?


  5. @asher Not sure yet have yet to test. Will let you know by end of day.

    Iphone porting will be a native iOS app.

  6. Thanks,
    but there is a problem, an iphone 3gs doenst work with idroid.
    If you want, i can test it, if not find another one who can/will test it:)
    Hope it's getting working!

  7. Hi, thanks for answering a lot of my questions!!

    Will the HTC Legend be available as a port?

    Thank you, you're the man! :)

  8. @nicolas thanks for the heads up. some people will try anything. Now have a legit iphone being brought to my own home for test.

  9. @jeppeGelardi No problem and Yes.

  10. Do you need a Droid to be rooted in order to use this exploit?

  11. People, why are you still asking questions like 'Will this work on my X10i' or 'Will it work on the HTC Legend'? Are you even reading Netzke's posts?

    Let me repeat it:

    There. Now stop asking please, and just let him do his job instead reading and replying your useless comments.

  12. Are you running any custom OC kernels or something? I can imagine if the program caps out the processor, leading for prolonged max CPU and burnout.

  13. I have three Qustions too, please:

    1) Is the hack (.apk) possible with the HTC Desire

    2) Will the hack work with this ROM:

    3) Will the hack runs now PSGroove AND OpenPSJailbreak? (like this screenshots:

  14. This may still be up in the air, but by the way you phrased:
    |2.Will the phone be usable while running
    |exploit/will it have to stay attached?
    |No you will not be able to use the phone while |exploit is being completed. Though after your |ps3 is fully on you will be able to remove |phone and use as normal.

    It looks like this will need to be done every time you boot up the ps3?

  15. I can test PSj on Samsung Galaxy Spica.

  16. would it be possible to modify the usb cord so the pins that conduct the power to the device are either cut or removed? would that correct the electrical issue? would the hack still work?

  17. Hi! 3 questions, please

    1) Will run the .apk on HTC Desire?
    2) will it works with this rom:
    3) have the .apk now PSGroove AND OpenPSJailbreak? Like this sceenshots from you:

    THANK YOU! :)

  18. Assuming if the HTC Legend is supported, does that mean all HTC devices will be supported? I have an HTC EVO, and I also have an ipod touch 3G with iOS4, should I be fine with either devices when the exploit is released?

  19. You sure you dont want to try have me try it on my Evo, Moment and Archos 5IT? :D

  20. Why don't you answer or publish my legit question regarding the already released android port?
    I jusk asked if you're in contact with that team... And, by the way, MuscleNerd is working on a iPhone port: maybe you two can collaborate...

  21. Man was did I get excited to see the Dream included in the list. :D

    I actually have two G1s (Dreams) so I would be willing to test it out on that phone. Feel free to email me at Good work man.

  22. Working Android port:

    Check it out!

  23. @Silo:
    This is a shit! Wait for Netzke's Hack, because your hack:
    " This will disable wi-fi untill the original boot.img is flashed back.
    This will also disable USB mass storage.
    " ;)

    And Netzke's hack is only a .apk who you can choose OpenPSJailbreak or PSGroove :)

    Right, @Netzke??

  24. Yeah, it's strange how other people have managed to port fine to android and these guys are burning out phones.

    Must be something with their test rig.

  25. Can you post a little more information on the devices that were burned out? Specifically, which roms were used, what clock rate was the device running at at the time, was it overclocked or not, etc. Also, I'm curious as to why no Sense UI ROMs (ex. HTC Hero, Evo 4G)are being tested with this.

  26. I'll be waiting for the first Motorola DROID port myself, I don't care who makes it.

    I'll gladly donate to this guy/team but I'll be waiting until I get my hands on a working copy first. I'm sure everyone understands not wanting to risk my money for nothing :)

  27. @R7i1c3K

    My guess is because a lot of these exploits must be configured specifically for the kernel. Different ROMs use different kernels etc.

    Since your phone must be rooted, it makes sense (no pun intended) to use the most common ROM to start with, and CyanogenMod is a very common and highly supported ROM.

    It is probably a pain to work with ROMs that use Sense UI because HTC takes a long time to release updates and I'm not sure how open source the Sense UI is.

    If you want the latest and greatest ROMs and features, your probably going to have to drop the Sense UI. CyanogenMod rocks anyway.

  28. Where can I read that you can not use ROMs with sense? o_O Can't I use it with this ROM: ??? :(

  29. Netzke... I hope this is not your dev team member im sorry but he is an idiot. I hope he was dropped off the project.

  30. U cant use it because the sense code isn't released yet by HTC. Seems you know XDA, check the jailbreak post in the ROM section for more information.

  31. Guys i don't want to disturb any further this project but can i ask something?As the first post Luso asked if the exploit will work on Xperia X10 and X10 mini?Both devices are running Android donut 1.6.Can somebody confirm this one?Thank you in advance.

  32. @anon no I am not working with him.

  33. @SwordOfWar - Thanks for the reply. Actually, that makes perfect sense (no pun intended again). I believe Sense UI have modified (read: "limited") USB drivers, a lot like the partial bluetooth stack that prevents using a Wiimote in Sense roms, even though it works perfectly on vanilla roms.

    However, I've tried CyanogenMOD 6.0 RC1 for HTC Hero, and had a *lot* of problems with it. I was actually waiting for the stable build to be released before I converted back to that one. It did seem to have a lot less limitations than any other SenseUI rom I've used as well.

    Still - I've taken my PS3 off PSN for the time being. I'm more interested in seeing how this turns out. I'm not above slicing and soldering up a cable for 'brew. ^.^