Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Okay what a day guys.

So all morning I have been dealing with messages of "You are a fraud" this is incorrect. Also for all of those filing claims about donations here is paypals policy on it.

According to the User Agreement, PayPal's Buyer Complaint Policy applies
only to the shipment of goods and not to services and other intangible
goods. For that reason, we are unable to take any action regarding this
complaint. We encourage you to work directly with the buyer to resolve this

Donations are and have always been non refundable.

On to more pressing issues.

I think I have resolved the issue of the power spikes. Though it may require some devices to have a resistor placed onto the + power line of the usb cable before connecting it.

more info soon. Gotta keep dealing with these people.


  1. Netzke - can't you just ignore those people? Or does the dispute console require action on your part? surely you've done nothing wrong so can just leave it?

    Well done on the resistor thought the solution might end up being something like that.

    If you want to add the HTC Desire to your testing list drop me a mail at diegodeescocia at gmail and I'll gladly help you out (I know what I'm doing and will test it on a good 20 or 30 ROMs in regular use on the net, not to mention all the custom tweaks and variations only available to selected users of modaco. :-D

  2. Unfortunatly paypal makes me sned them information with each dispute even though its all over the same thing. Then when paypal does put it to rest i get threats on my life. To which I forward to the proper authorities. some people aren't very bright. Threatening me when I can see all there address info. I can't very well let these kinds of things go.

  3. Goodluck on Everything, and hopefully they will all go away, anything i can do to help let me know jgamustang at yahoo , ive got a samsung epic 4g rooted

  4. what about the firmware 3.42 update that was just released? will this software work on the new firmware?

  5. Netzke > What a nightmare. I wish there were something I could do bro :-/ People helping the community like yourself don't need the childish demands they get subjected to. What size of resister ought I to put in the USB wire to be ready to go if/when the time comes to test this out? I might as well get the kit prepared now :-D

  6. Would be nice to be able to avoid adding resistors. Will this be a possibility.

  7. thanks for the support guys. when we have more info we will let you know.

  8. guys theres already working android releases with more on the way including psp/iphone


    check the update status there

  9. We know. But they're subject to limitations that Netzke's isn't. Namely it presently requires reflashing and disables your wifi and usb.....Not to mention you've got to use the cyanogenmod ROM which I don't like! Netzke's is simply an application you run. If there's no need for resistors his will be plain better. Even if there is if it saves me from needing Cyanogenmod I'm 100% behind it :-D

  10. All i think there needs to be a balanced here. I understand why the people that dontated are a little miffed as nobody has seen any tangable evidence of this thing being even remotely close to completion.

    Perhaps if Netzke were to provide a video of his progress then it would quieten down a lot of people.

    Now regarding the dontations side, yes Netzke is right a donation is a gift as it were, but telling people to pretty much shove it and stop complaining isn't going to win anyone any fans.