Friday, September 3, 2010

Final note of the night.

I've been working pretty hard through this. I will be taking a few hours to sleep now. Your comments may not appear for several hours because of this. I'm not sure what the rest of the team is planning to do. Chances are they will also be taking a break for a few hours.

Beta for Iphone is open now. Beta release in the next week +- 3 days.
Beta for android is still open but we will be closing it soon

A video will be released within the next few days. of both the iOS port and the Android port.

Those who do donate may not receive confirmation for a while. But we will try our best.

Donate button is on the top right for those who have been asking.

For those who have been wondering whats going on as far as progress goes. We have run into quite a few bugs. The screen flickering is the most concerning as we're not sure whats actually going on yet. The freezing is another issue were working on. And the reboot is another troubling issue. We will hopefully have this resolved asap.

Thanks for understanding that people have to sleep :P


  1. hy,

    i have an jailbroken iphone4. it would be nice if i could test the beta. i know how to install .deb files or unsigned .ipa files.

    email adress: punti(dot)best(at)

  2. I want to beta test for the Android port.

    Android phone 1 : Samsung i5700
    OS version : 1.5

    Android phone 2 : Samsung i5700
    OS version : 2.1

    PS3 console 1 : Fat 40GB
    OFW : 3.15 (i can update to 3.41 if it needs to be done)

    PS3 console 2 : Slim 120GB
    OFW : 3.41

    Possible Android phone 3 and 4 : I have a Samsung b7610 and Samsung b7620 "Giorgio Armani" to which i can flash Android OS to check compatibility to devices that are not distributed with Android but can be flashed to run Android.

    Thank you in advance and i hope we can help the comunity run the app on many devices that are not meant to be Android but can be.

    P.S. : Both my phones are rooted and ready to test the PSGroove port for Android.

  3. I forgot my email is :

  4. I would like to beta test for iOS port. I have a iPhone 3GS on 4.0 JB. I will help you track all the bugs. ;)

  5. i have an jailbroken iphone 3g beta test iphone version

    my email:

  6. hi i would like to be included in the android beta program my gm account is i have a htc evo 2.2 update running on it

  7. I would like to beta test for iOS port. I have a iPhone 3GS on 4.0 JB also

  8. Also have 2 ipod touch, 1 on 4.0 JB and the other on 3.1.3 JB.

    email is :

  9. interested in beta for android or iOS. Evo, Iphone, Ipad.

  10. First things First, I'm a different Thomas from other Comments. I'm interested in the Android Beta. I sent a donation in too. I have a Motorola Droid running 2.1 rooted, also a pandigital novel/tablet rooted not sure of what build. email:

  11. I would like to test out the iOS port. I have a ipod touch 3rd gen jailbroken and running version 4. I've also beta tested several games, and applications.
    urbanracer34 (at) gmail (dot) com

  12. Donated $15, Added preferred email contact to special notes, Google G1, Root w/ Cyanogen installed.
    Keep up the good work guys!

  13. good night
    When will we see the app on android ..?!

    I will be proud to help you BY TEST BETA ON MY SUMSONG GALAXY S ROOTED 2.1


  14. Just put in my $15, contact, i have both android nexus one rooted and iphone 4 4.01 jailbroken.

    Cheers from australia

  15. hey great work , hopefully progression keeps moving forward but i would like to beta test to find any bugs contact

    Android Device : G1 Rooted on firmware 1.6
    PS3 (Fat): 60gb on 3.15 (still use Linux , but wouldnt care to update when released or accepted into Beta Testing)

  16. Cheer up.
    I have 2 iPhone 4 and 3 iPhone 3GS and 2 iPhone 2G
    I can join your beta tester

  17. Just donated my 15. Hoping to get into beta, firmware 1.5, but if not, keep up the good work. Greatly appreciated.

  18. Hello, i would like to be in the android beta.

    I have a rooted Nexus one

    and an 80 gig ps3 fat

    and a 120 gig slim



  19. Hi,

    Thank you for your wonderfull work. I have donated $20 from

    Can i join your beta program.

    Hello Tom Bucknall,

    This email confirms that you have donated $20.00 CAD to Rick Netzke ( using PayPal.
    The exchange rate for this purchase is 1 ZAR = 0.141143CADThis credit card transaction will appear on your bill as "PAYPAL *RNETZKE".

    Donation Details
    Confirmation number: 5EJ55035PK329080D
    Donation amount: $20.00 CAD
    Total: $20.00 CAD
    Purpose: Netzke Dev
    Contributor: Tom Bucknall

    Kind Regards,
    Tom Bucknall

  20. Hello,
    Would love to join the team and beta test, and even contribute to coding, for the iPhone. I have a jailbroken iPhone 3GS 32gb running 4.01.
    my email is


  21. If I'm lucky enough kindly add me into the beta-test, I have a iPhone 3G (3.13) and a Xperia X10 (FW1.6 R2BA026). have a nice day, cheers :)

  22. I would love to beta test

    I own:

    2x x10i one rooted on not both runnning 1.6
    2x ipod touch 32gb 2G with iOS4 and 8GB 1G with iOS 3.1.2 (both jailbroken)

    can beta test for any of these devices

    Email. rclarkson at
    donations coming soon

  23. sweet!! i have a rooted droid and a fat ps3 80gb
    can i join the beta testers or

  24. like i said before i have 2 droids moto droid and droid x both rooted waiting to test on fat ps3 here for beta testing sir of it works ill donate $45

  25. p.s email is

  26. hi, i have a rooted droid running ultimate droid froyo extreme 7.0.0 and i have a ps3 (fat) 80gb
    and i would like to be a beta tester
    and thanks for all of that amazing work or

  27. i donated hours ago. is there no apk? i thought being a tester was to test something.

  28. hey bud this is for people who bought that dongle i bought and they canceled my ordered and said this just gfivin u heads up man

    Playstation 3 news: TBA September 9th Don't buy anything from anyone yet!
    Updating always at your own risk If a game requires an update it should be safe to allow this providing the game is from the same region as your console. To date there has been no known problems from updates, simply check here before updating and if we are alerted to any issues we will post here.

    Source: hxxp://

    so this mean lol PS3 already ahs an update or what

  29. Hi Netzke
    Thanks for sharing your work.
    I have à rooted HTC magic 2.1 and a rooted HTC legend 2.2 cm6
    I would be happy to be part of the bêta test
    Have à Good night
    Tplotplo gmail com

  30. good morning,i would like to join beta tester of ios:i have iphone 3g and iphone 4g,my email is
    thank you

  31. Hi i'd like to beta test the ios version i nave a 3GS fw 4.0jb and a 160gb fat ps3 My mail is

  32. i got an iphone 2g with both iphone os jailbroken, and also its on openboot with android os i can test it on both


  33. i have both sonyericsson x10 xperia and iphone 3g, i would love to help you out by test the beta. my email is

  34. @lovedcon if you are so much rich, why do you need jb on ps3? go to buy games...

    but a simple and fast java port???????

  35. I would like to be a beta tester

    my Ps3: 3.41
    Phone: Iphone 4 (jailbroken)

    ps. i can upload videos if you want

  36. hi there,

    I have an iPhone 2G (first week of production)
    Jailbroken and running on 3.1.3
    contact me at: huski[at]

  37. I have a samsung galaxy s i9000 and would like to help on the beta test. my email is


  38. I would be a iOS beta tester, i've got an iphone 3gs jailbroken..... (4.0) and a ps3 fat 80 gb....
    contact me

  39. Hi there, If you're looking for a rarer device to test the android port on I have a rooted dell streak which I can switch between 1.6 and 2.1 fairly easily.


    Adam Walker (adam(AT)

  40. Well I have a Jailbroken Ipod Touch 2G iOS 3.1.3. So if you wanna I to be a beta tester, then I can do it.
    Facebook: David Moraza Sanchez, Spain, Almeria.
    Thank you so much!

  41. Any ETA for the release of the android version?

  42. Hi, I'd like to be a beta tester:). I would donate but tbh I'm pretty tight up atm. May be able to donate later:). I've got a HTC Hero Rooted (I'd like to beta test android)My email is Thanks and Good Luck!

  43. hey Netzke, which firmware does the iphone have to be on?

    im on iphone 3g jailbroken 3.1.3 will that do? or does it need to be iOS 4.0?


  44. I have an Ipod Touch 2g running 3.0 jailbroken, and 2 PS3s, orginal phat, and a new slim 60g

  45. I have a htc desire rooted (2.2 with sense)
    250gb slim ps3
    if you would like me to test, email me at

    Keep up the awesome work

  46. This comment has been removed by the author.

  47. Also, I would like to add that both of my iPhone are jailbroken and I have android OS (Dual OS ftw) installed on the 3G. Anyhow, if you still have a android spot open, I could test out the android version on an iPhone..see how that works ;p.

  48. Hey,

    would love to Beta-test the iPhone version:

    iPhone 3G, jailbroken 4.0
    iPhone 3GS, jailbroken 3.1.3
    PS3: FW 3.41

    I amlooking forward to hearing from you at: or

    Kind regards and good luck!

  49. iphone 4 jb
    iphone 2g jb
    would join too

  50. I have a iPhone 3GS New bootrom 4.0.1 with jailbreak.COM jAlibreak i want to Test the beta vor Ios

  51. i sent you a donation 15 $ ( so please let me beta test the IOS version for iphone :)

    greetings oliver

  52. Hi
    donated (and sent my email).

    just wandering - will there be a way to update backup manager when a new one comes out or PSGroove itself if it is updated?


  53. Great work!

    iPhone 3G 16GB jailbroken on fw. 3.1.2
    Nokia N95 also BTW which together with Nokia N97 is pretty popular

    PS3 Fat 80GB with fw 3.15 (is there a way to have it not hardcoded on 3.41, but accepting 3.15 fw and staying on that because of OtherOS?), but if updating is needed, no problem also.

    If my config is usable for betatesting, let me know.

  54. Hi Netzke, Thanks for your work. We really appreciate it very much. I would like to be a beta tester on iOS. I have a jail-broken ipod touch 1G with 3.1.2 and ipod touch 2G 4.0. I'll be much honored if I'm selected as a beta tester. thank you and keep up the good work.

  55. Hi,

    I like to be beta Tester for the Android Port. I have a Europe Milestone with root access.


  56. If you need a tester with a i5700 Samsung (2.1) and a x10 Sony (1.6) i'm hère xD.

  57. I would like to test the iOS port. I have a iPod touch 2nd gen running iOS4.0 Jailbroken and a iPad iOS 3.2 Jailbroken.


  58. Have a Dell Streak and am happy to beta test.

  59. Good job with the android port! I would like to help beta test it. I have rooted X10 mini pro with android v1.6

  60. I just have one question. Will the FINAL release be free? Because I probably won't donate (as I haven't seen any proof yet and don't know whether anything is going on), because there are many bugs who want money for nothing. I'm not saying that you're one of them, but I also have no proof that you aren't. I just don't like the idea of having to pay. So my question is: will the final release be free?

  61. @Bolec. Yes final release will be free so long as I can deal with all the haters and remain sane :P

  62. Oh and my email adress is:


  63. FYI Netzke - scam email going out to people on this list..
    to me

    show details 7:32 AM (2 hours ago)

    Hi, and Congratulations!

    You have been selected as a BETA tester for our latest development.

    Please send a minimun donation of $15

    Upon donation, you will receive the iOS .deb and .ipa files, aswell
    as the Android .apk files.

    Many thanks, and we look forward to working with you :)


  64. @Netzke: Hey netzke i know your really busy atm, but could you please explain to me how the android will be able to act as a flashed usb? im not doubting you cause i know its possible but im kind of lacking some knowledge:P i've got a desire android an a fat 40gb and $20 on standby.. :)

  65. Hello and thank you for your work. I'm french and I would like to take an active part in the beta-test for Iphone (Iphone 3GS , os 4.0 JB).
    Thanks you again and sorry for my bad english xD
    My mail : . :) If it's work, I contribute for donation :)

  66. Appreciate the work you are doing. Never would have dreamed that we could do such a thing with our iPhones. I look forward to the beta test.

    Donation Details
    Confirmation number: 3BW59991SM466830P
    Donation amount: $15.00 CAD
    Total: $15.00 CAD
    Purpose: Netzke Dev

  67. done the donation waiting for the beta for android
    I'm removing the dust from the PS3 :D

  68. Great job and i have a ipad 3g ipod touch 2g iphone 4 and all jailbroken and i know a thing or two installing so if u need sumn to help test beta im more than willing :)

  69. i have a ipod toch 3g a samsung s5230 and a nokia n73