Friday, September 10, 2010


I realize that their are many other ports released already. My hope is to make it easier to do using only an apk. We have almost figured out the over voltage issues.
Still working diligently

Netzke dev team.


  1. Yeah, the current methods are lame. I'm not gonna flash my phone with the risk of losing it, I mean, I already flashed Cyanogen on it but I'm not going to back-up > flash > restore everytime I'd like to use the exploit.

    APK is much better, good luck!

  2. I'm on Galaxy S GT-I9000M and there is no jailbreak for it yet. Still really looking forward to this. Please don't let ignorant people get you down. Looking forward to the Beta with voltage issues fixed.

    Thanks again

  3. Cool man!
    Hey have you tried out your jailbreak on a iphone running android?
    just curious..

    keep up the good work bro

  4. Your going to be my hero! Keep up the good work, and donate button?

  5. already has port for milestone?

  6. Hope all is going well. Keep up the good fight man! I know a lot of people will be much relieved to have this as an apk instead of the kernel flashing method we have now. I know some people over at PS3hax will have an easier time with this method. ;)

    Good luck man!

  7. hello :)

    wonderfull news for android users :)

    what about future release of iphone ?

    thanks if you take time to respond

    one of your fan's

  8. glad to hear an update and cant wait to test it out on the epic 4g

  9. @cody I removed the donate button because of the amount of flaming I was receiving.

  10. Also remember everyone that no one wants to flash roms back and forth just to use the jailbreak. We need an .apk version that installs on all version of Android.

  11. @Netzke
    That was pretty cool of you, showing people that you are not in it just for the money. Respect bro!

  12. if you get it working as an apk ill. transfer the equivalent of a usb dev board. and for those flamers how about you spend time on it yourself and see how much time is involved.