Thursday, September 2, 2010

those wondering about possible leak

Currently there is no leak. Any and all files claiming to be so are fake.

Also regarding beta testing the application will be made specific for each persons device. It will take longer this way but you will be unable to share the app.

The app will not boot on someone elses phone!
I realize this is a long method but this will help to prevent leaking.

The apk itself will also be encrypted.



  1. Also as a side note Anyone i find untrustworthy will be kicked from the beta testing team.

  2. Hi

    Is this a port of the PSGroove or a reimplementation of the same exploit? I'm interested in how you implemented the mimic of the usb hub.
    Will you be releasing any source?

  3. you said it works on netbook
    so thats mean it will work on pc with an emulator or something else?

  4. great idea, we all appreciate your work

  5. I would love to beta test this for you, I'm a computer engineering major and have a huge interest in this, I may even be able to provide some help. I have a moto droid, rooted running chevyno1 froyo rom. My email is if your looking for testers

  6. hi ive got a rooted 2.1 android samsung portal i5700 im willing to test and give you some small donation for this. thanks. add me msn or email

  7. If you get it and free the code, I will port it to Bada.

  8. i would like to be a beta tester because i think that you should have a person with a x10i, i knwo its a old firmware, but u never know that there are many people with x10 that wants to have this on their phones :)
    email: the_one_mtrx@hot****.com

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  10. As an avid android user, I would just like to point out that the encryption is easily defeated. Not that I'm saying anyone (or even that I) will bother, just saying that it's quite easy.

    On a more positive note, thanks for your hard work and dedication, hope to see the final product soon!

  11. Hi, i have a X10 mini, Android 1.6 rooted and busybox 1.17.1
    I can be beta tester or bring some help : pcdealex@hot(no-spam)****.com