Saturday, September 4, 2010

Start of a new day.

Well good morning again everyone. I have a few things I need to address here today.

Starting with the foremost one. I have received over 20 emails saying "I donated a few hours ago where is my invite" Can you not read? I was asleep. I already put over 18 hours a day into this. And to top it all off some of those people HAVEN'T donated. I'm not stupid. I can check logs.

Secondly the amount of flaming I'm receiving is crazy. Really people if your not impressed with my work go somewhere else. I'm not forcing you to continuously check my blog or twitter. There was never a requirement to donate but as I'm taking days off work to do this for you people it's nice to get some. I have now had to explain myself to blogspot twice about this and it's getting a bit out of control. If this continues I will have to shut down the blog and go somewhere else. If you think you can do better please do.

I'm going to pull apart my phones today and see what was up with the flickering screen. I have a feeling that some bug is forcing it to draw to much power. Or perhaps the ps3 is feeding it to much. Either way one of my phones are now dead because of this. Do not worry though as I will fix this issue and you will not have it.

Those who keep asking me about facebook or msn. I do not have facebook. And I will not add you to msn. I'm busy enough without a thousand needless questions. If we require your help we will ask for it.

As a heads up for today, I'm currently running off batteries and UPS's as I'm being hit by a hurricane. I may or may not be able to be on a lot today because of this.

The comments will obviously remain moderated for the time being due to the flaming. So there will still be a delay in comments. Please don't double post.

I think that covers it all for now. I'm sorry if I have come off sounding short but I really am at the end of my rope. We are still accepting beta's for android for now but that may be over at the end of today. iOS beta's are still being accepted though.

I'll update you as I can.


  1. Sounds Fair enough to me! Keep up the good work buddy! :-)

  2. Ignore the haters mate. You're doing a damn fine job, and personally I appreciate everything you're doing. I may not have an android phone, but I'm still grateful that people like you are taking the time to help people out and make programs like these. Hope everything goes well for you, and good luck with the iOS version too.

    Also, you shouldn't have to answer to these impatient idiots, take your own time with stuff. If people don't like it, they can go make their own - Which, I doubt they can. Ignore the flaming if you can, keep in mind the positives :)

  3. Do you have an ETA for the Android release?

  4. @smithy Thanks. Trying.

    @pedro Beta will start within the week. Final release not sure yet.

  5. Thank you for all your job ,
    I want to try the beta with my French samsung I5700 spica rooted if you need a french tester :

    thanks for all

  6. Hello Netzke Dev Team,

    I would love to help out with the Android port of PSGroove,

    I have many device to test it on, all rooted:
    - HTC Hero (currently running 2.2)
    - Samsung Galaxy S (2.1)
    - Motorolad Milestone (2.1)

    I can flash any rom needed for testing,
    I could also help with the iOS port with a jailbroken ipad.

    Please consider my application for beta testing,

    Contact info :

    daouid [at sign] g.m.a.i.l.c.o.m

    Best regards

  7. Thanks for the info.
    I have a HTC Magic I can test on if you need to, but you probably already have someone with that phone, don't you?

  8. Hey Netzke,

    I have an HTC Desire with Android 2.2 and a IPod touch wich is Jailbroken. Would be happy if I could help and test ;D

  9. Hey Netzke,

    I have an HTC Desire with Android 2.2 and a IPod touch wich is Jailbroken. Would be happy if I could help and test ;D

  10. I can beta test on iOS 4.0.1 with iPhone 4.

    I have an iPhone 3g so I can test too. It is running 4.0.2.

    Both are jailbroken.

    thank you!

  11. Hi,

    Keep up the good work !

    I can help for the beta testing on iOS. I got 2 jailbroken iPhone:
    - a 3GS with 4.0
    - a 3G with 3.1.2
    And a 1st generation 60gig fat PS3.

    corentin_0 - at-


  12. good work team!, I was actually thinking of buying one of them stupid dongles and because of ur teams efforts ur saving ppl money and improving the ps3 scene! and ppl are flaming this team because of it, well my opinion is u should just ban them because haters have had a huge impact on dev's in the past. My advice is to ignore it because anyone who flames for that reason is a jealous little kid who wishes he had talent and doesn't have a life.

    Obviously these things don't just happen over night and more people should realize this and these dev teams have lives 2 so they should be respected and not constantly asked for the ETA!

    those out there have some respect for dev's such as Netzke because they are only improving this community while haters are ruining it! that reason they should be banned, netzke thank u of all ur wrk and keep it up and yes i am your biggest fan! ;)

  13. Feel free to contact me...

    HTC Legend running android 2.2
    PS3 40Gb
    Got 2 weeks of vacation, so i got plenty of time.

    if you need me, give me a mail, I'm in the UTC +01:00 timezone ...

  14. If i donate now when will i get access to the beta?

  15. I don't want anything, just want to say Good Work and Good Luck!

  16. I'd consider disabling comments for a time, and only posting as much info on the project as you feel like giving out. You could set up a filtered e-mail address to handle beta requests, and save yourself some time and frustration.

    Trolls are, unfortunately, an ingrained part of the internet, and even more so, the modding scene. Their inane drivel is the bane of rhetoric, and aimed only to goad a reaction. The best response to them, is simply to ignore their whimpering.

  17. please can you tell me will the android release run on iphodroid ( iphone running android )?

  18. just a suggestion KaKaRoTo released PSFreedom maybe he might beable to help you with this problem considering he got it to wrk on N900 completely different system yes, but the fact is he got it to wrk on a phone device maybe he may have some ideas on this app so it doesn't run as much power.

  19. Hi nezke
    i'm french , and i would like to beta-tet you're hack.

    i have:
    -ps3 60G (can read ps1 ps2 and ps3games)
    -ps3 slim 250g

    -HTC desire 2.2
    -SE Xperia X10
    i can use my prother's phones too:
    - Motorola Droid 2.1
    - htc legend 2.2

    all are rooted


  20. I donated $15 and now i get a email with the following, im guessing its a fake, i hope it is cause i sure am not gona pay twice.

    Hi, and Congratulations!

    You have been selected as a BETA tester for our latest development.

    Please send a minimun donation of $15

    Upon donation, you will receive the iOS .deb and .ipa files, aswell
    as the Android .apk files.

    Many thanks, and we look forward to working with you :)


  21. for me iphone 4 jailbroken version 4.0

    ps3 80 GB CECHL04 whit 3.30 firmware

    if i can help :)

    just tell me here :)

  22. id like to try this out.

    ps3 fat 120gb ( linux firmware still, if it matters )
    ps3 slim 40gb
    xperia x10 android 1.6

    hit me up

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. Hi keep up the awesome job

    I would like to help by being part of the android beta. I have a rooted Motorola Droid running Android 2.2 and at the same time if you also need help with the iOS i have a jailbroken Ipod touch 2g.
    Hope i can be of help and keep it up

  25. Keep up the good work, I have an IPhone 3GS 16gb jailbroken on 4.0 if your still accepting beta testers.

    My email is

  26. Hey man,
    I was hoping somone would pick up the Android Port. It was either this or TI-CALC port. This should be much better.

    I wanted to know if I could join the Android Beta Team

    I've got:
    -Slim PS3
    -HTC Magic rooted running CyanogenMod6
    -QA experience.

    My email: Silo45[at]

    Looking forward to access to the beta, and if not patently waiting for the final version.

    I'd donate if I could, but you know how it is.

  27. thank you very much for your efforts stay safe in the heavy winds

  28. Willing to be a beta tester. I have a rooted T-Mobile G1 running CyanogenMod-6 stable and a fat ps3 pre otheros removal can upgrade if needs be. Have experience with beta testing, ADB commands, logcat and android sdk. Email or gtalk Cheers

  29. Hey, just wanted to chime in with my thanks. People are such Aholes any more. Here you are being nice enough to do this for everyone without even being asked and it's not good enough for some people. So what if you're asking for donations. I donated to you (from a different address) and I don't care if you use the money for this project or to buy beer and chips. It was just a thanks I felt like giving you. Keep up the good work.

  30. Hey
    Just found this blog, great news that you're working on getting things working on the iphone, can't wait to try it out :)

  31. Iphone 3g jb 4.0 my email :

  32. Keep up the good work. I've already donated as I believe this is something worth supporting and I encourage many others to do the same if you truly believe in the project.

  33. Best of luck mate ) , its folks like you that bring smiles to millions of geeks such as myself lol , here's hoping for an Amiga 500 Emulator as a result of your hard work :):)

  34. I have 3G and 3GS both jailbroken, would be more than happy to test the beta.

    Ps3 FAT 40Gb running 3.1 firmware (at the moment);-)

  35. My email is I have an HTC G1 running 2.1 firmware (Super-E, loosely based off Cyanogen) and a PS3 Slim which I haven't upgraded to 3.41 yet but will for testing of your app

  36. My email is I have an HTC G1 running 2.1 firmware (Super-E, loosely based off Cyanogen) and a PS3 Slim which I haven't upgraded to 3.41 yet but will for testing of your app

  37. wow man. sounds like you have a lot of jerks harassing you! i cannot wait till you are done your app! hope the hurricane doesnt cause to much trouble for you. if you need another beta tester i have a rootes samsung galaxy s vibrant with 2.1 installed.

    if not, i will wait paiently :-)

  38. if you need ... i could test with :

    - 1 iphone 4 Ios 4.01 JB
    - 1 Sony X10 (android 1.6)
    - 1 samsung spica i5700 (android 2.1)
    - 1 samsung spica i5700 (android 2.2 from samdroid)
    - 1 ps3 80Gb
    - 10 fingers
    - 1 brain
    - some beers
    - a bottle of whisky
    - some time.


  39. I have an HTC Desire with Android 2.2

    PS3 80GB
    and i would like to beta-tet you're hack

  40. I have a 80GB (so software emulation) PS3.
    The firmware has not been updated at all, still has the install otherOS feature.

    also have an iPhone 3gs 4.0.1 JB, with a lot of knowledge of psp modding, iPhone jailbreaking, linux.

    let know

  41. Hello, first off all, great work!
    I'd like to participate in the ios beta.
    I can contribute with my 2G iphone jailbroken with 3.1.2.
    I've also donated a little. But everything helps, right?

    I hope I can contribute!

  42. If you'd like an additional beta tester for the iPhone, I have 2 iPhone 3GS's jailbroken, still running 3.1.2 FW, My ps3 is a new 120gb (about 2 weeks old)

    Feel free to hit me up Tryashoe -> Yahoo -> Com

  43. Hey Netzke,

    I really apprecieate what you're doing here.

    I have an android phone, that i would love to test with. I have an original 60gb playstation 3.

    I would also be willing to make a video showing proof of your accomplishments.

    I would like to be a beta tester for the Netzke Android Project.

    Email me at :


  44. Thanx for all your doing...cant wait for the Beta to start got a HTC Droid Eris Rooted with 2.2 KaosFroyo

    and 640 gig PS3 Slim

  45. "being hit by a hurricane"
    sony is pulling out the big guns to stop you now

  46. Hi There,
    Looks like some Awesome work has been done, and some awesome hours put into it. Keep it up mate.

    I'd also like to offer my Services as a Beta Tester.

    I have the old 40GB phat ps3
    an iPhone 3G (Which I understand you dont need testers for)

    and an Xperia X10 running Android 1.6 (seemingly getting things to run on this phone is a pain in the arse).

    If your interested, please feel free to drop me a line @ [at] gmail [dot] com

    Look forward to hearing from you. Keep up the great work it's much apreciated.

  47. So you seem to be the guy that's getting stuff done. Just ignore everyone else. ;) I would like to take part in the testing. If Android Testing is still going I have a:

    Droid running BB0.4 w/Froyo but I can flash to any ROM you want.

    I also have an ipod 2g I could test the other port on.

    My email is Let me know if you need the help.

  48. I can be an iOS tester, got ipod touch 1g and 2g jailbroken and with android 1.6 and 2.2 on em, and got iphone 3gs and 4 jailbroken as well. Got ps3 fat 80 gb and slim 40 gb

    my email is

  49. you should try connecting to the ps3 through a powered hub. that should control any power the ps3 might be drawing/feeding back.

  50. crap, i didn't notice i was logged in with my google account when i posted the above.
    could you do me a favor and delete both comments? i don't want my email exposed. thanks.

  51. Let me know if you need another beta tester. I have a Samsung Beam rooted, I'm will ing to test it on. Keep up the good work and ignore the flamers. If they could do anything better they wouldn't be here!

  52. hi mate great work so far

    if any beta places open then

    running HTC desire orange ( hack fireware) 2.2

    ps2 big 60gb ps3

  53. Hello

    I have HTC Legend 2.1 (rooted) and I am ready for beta test.

    please e-mail me

    xboxer365 at

  54. If there is room for one more android beta, I have a Moto Droid running 2.2 and a hero running 2.1 at my disposal on a 20GB 1st gen PS3.

  55. Appreciate the work. It's gotta suck being so popular.
    While you're going through a hurricane IRL, I hope it isn't too much dealing with all of the assholes and the hurricane-like experience associated with working on something like this.
    Best wishes.

  56. Thanks for all the work. I hope the port works great and I'm looking forward to trying out the final release whenever that comes out. I'd donate but I really don't have the money to spare at the moment (damn you education).

    Just keep in mind that people on the internet would complain if you gave them a bunch of money but told them they had to transport it with a barrel.

  57. Sup.
    I'm also interested in testing this.
    I have a Motorola Milestone 2.1 rooted and an iPod Touch (3.1.2).

    To test it I own a PS3 Slim 3.41..
    I do own a PS3 Fat (60gb, original launch date) also, but it has a failed blu-ray drive (won't eject/load disks). It's been a while since I have tested it, but it might still be alive.

  58. I have a PS3 fat (40GB) and an iPod touch 2G 4.0 jailbroken. If you need any more testers for iOS I'd be happy to help.

  59. ps3 slim - 250
    ps3 fat - 40


  60. I have a UK Motorola Dext, rooted running a 2.1 rom.

    If you need me to test/bug find I can. If not, once released will you be open sourcing it as I would like to have a play and i have ideas for future android to ps3 apps which i will start homebrewing


  61. Have two Androids, HTC Hero and Desire, both running FroYO and a 60 GB fat ps3.

    Available for testing,