Monday, September 6, 2010

Good morning again guys.

Just a quick update to let everyone know that I'm working.

I'm still getting comments that there are no such things as hurricanes in canada.. Check the news guys.

Secondly there are a lot of open disputes on my donation account right now. For all those who are bitching keep in mind these WERE DONATIONS. Not an exchange for goods. I will not be refunding stupid disputes like this. If you want to escalate. It only slows me down when I have to deal with things like that.

The release is beta is still scheduled to start for the end of the week. Though depending on how much more crap I have to deal with it may take longer. On top of that I heard new shellcode for the PSgroove is to be released today. I will be taking a look and updating as I see fit.

The iOS release is still being worked on but beta should be out in the next week or two.

I'm still running into the problem of the draining power/to much power. This is not good as I have now fried 3 phones. But I am still working on it. I have determined that in times of to much power the ps3 is feeding the phone to much voltage and it fries the phone. In times of not enough power the phone is feeding the ps3 to much voltage. Why this does not fry the ps3 I am not sure. I will be discussing this further with my team today.

Other than that most of the bugs that I know of have been dealt with.

I don't think I will be accepting much in the way of comments for this post. Unless it is a really good question.

Thanks for the patience and I will see you again soon.


  1. Hi there!

    Will this app going to cost or is it going to be free? If it is going to cost, just how much? Will it be available on Android Market or on a specific website?

    I'm interested in writing a review about it on my blog so perhaps we could collaborate.


  2. It will be a free application. It will be available on several websites.

  3. Hey!

    I'm thinking about,that i will be buy a cheap android phone,and i hope that your prog won't fry it out.
    Are you sure,that you can fix this problem? Coz if not,then i don't buy this phone yet.

    And if i understand it good(my english skills aren't good)the CLOSED beta start on the end of the week,or we can also try it out then?
    If this will be the start of the closed beta,then have you any idea,when will you release this good for us?


  4. Your phone is self powered, cant you just modify a usb cable to only contain the two data wires, or is it actually sending a voltage spike over the data lines?

  5. Hi, are you sure its too much voltage as that would seem very odd. I would have thought that its too much current? May be worth making a temporary RC on the USB line as a temporary fix? Is it possible that the RX or TX are sometimes crossed? The phone pushing on the + and the ps3 pushing on the + at the same time and that's why your getting overvolt. Would be nice to see what the values are on the TX/RX on a multi meter.
    Hope this helps.

  6. When will you relase a video(some days ago you've posted about a videocamera)

  7. Keep it up buddy. Don't listen to anybody. You don't need to probe anything. You do it cause you like to do it and that's cool. Too bad you have to close your twitter account.

    Good luck with the project! =)

  8. The power is over the power lines. But without the power lines I can't get the android phone into b mode.

    Video may or may not be coming. I lost a lot of donations and it is no longer feasible to spend money on it. I will be getting one of my beta testers to video tape it when time comes. And don't ask if you can be it. Beta is closed and I have someone with a camera already on it.

  9. @sandor No im not 100% that I can fix this issue. But I will try. Until I know for sure exactly what is happening I will be unsure of what to fix.

    Please do not go out and buy a phone as it will be useless. I will not be releasing beta with such a big issue. I don't want peoples phones to die on account of my program.

    This is the only issue slowing the release of beta. That and of course all the trouble I have been receiving.

  10. What hardware will this Android hack need? Just USB Cable for a Android phone, and of course the phone or do you need some special hardware? And will you be able to acces the phone while using the Backup Manager? Do you leave it sitting in the PS3..?

    Also when can we expect a public release? in a week, month or several months? Just so we have a clue when to expect it. I mean approx date/week :)

    Cheers, love your work :)

  11. Hey Netzke,
    Do you know if this should theoretically work on a iphone (3g in my case) running android. I'm using iphodroid to run it.

    and thanks for all your hard work man!
    I know I appreciate it!

  12. We have one coming in today to test on actually.
    I will let you know.

    Also we have 3 other phones on the way to try and fix this issue they are
    mini 3i

  13. Hi Netze, have you tried any Motorola Phone?, seems like all your issues happen in Samsung and HTC HW, normally USB ports in good designed phones have overvoltage protections to avoid this kind of fries, I don´t think is the PS3 feeding extra voltage to the Phone, actually I don´t have too much details on how you are handling the USB port, so maybe the theory of I/O collisions is valid. If you need test in Motorola, just let me know I have some motorolas to use.

  14. I think my last post failed, but for overvolt, grab a voltage regulator, for overamp, maybe a capacitor for buffer? The phone cant fry the Ps3 because it can only supply 5v and minimal amperage. Heres just an off the wall thought, maybe because of how the code works by emulating a usb hub, the phone is in host mode and is trying to supply voltage? im not sure if it can even supply voltage, but just a thought.