Thursday, September 2, 2010

current state of beta testers

So far we still need 12 beta testers.

As always donates will come first.

The beta testing will begin within the next week.

Im trying to keep up with the volume of comments and emails. To make things simpler I will no longer be replying to questions on twitter that are not from dev's.

All questions will be answered here.

And please remember to donate if you want a better chance of getting selected for beta or if you like to work im doing.


  1. Could provide and eeepc 1000h running android. I have a few years of experince on linux and i'm a software developer, wanted to make a port for my linux myself, however i'm not really experienced with writing usb kernel drivers, however i might be able to give at least good bugreports.

  2. Hello, i would like to be a beta tester.
    Rooted phone: yes, an HTC Legend and HTC Desire
    Android OS: HTC Legend: 2.1 HTC Desire 2.2

    You can contact me at: (delete the underscores)

  3. Hi I'd love to help you test your port i have Two Rooted Behold II androids one Rooted Mytouch 3g 1.2 and 2 Rooted samsung vibrant androids all rooted if you want you can contact me at

  4. I'd love to beta test this app. I have a droid incredible, rooted w/ Froyo if it matters.


  5. Hello I have a rooted Motrola Droid 2.2 running a jrummy rom and oc'd kernal... I promise to donate once I get paid next week

  6. I have a rooted lg gt540, would appreciate a beta.
    My email is tretle AT

    Keep up the great work.

  7. I'd like to help out. I'm running Froyo on a rooted HTC Desire. The problem is that my PS3 is running 3.15, not sure a payload has been made for this firmware yet.

  8. LG GT-540 Optimus rooted
    Android 1.6

  9. got an ipod touch with android (idroid) and a HTC Touch Diamond 2 with android (XDAndroid)
    would love to test these non-official android-ports :)

    also got an normal notebook for androidx86 and siblings (if idroid or XDAndroid will not work)

  10. Like I said in the other post I can help you :

    PS3 Slim 250Go with Firmware 3.40
    XPeria X10i R2BA026 rooted with Android 1.6
    Several games to test Backup Manager

  11. I'm available for beta testing the app. I've got a low end android phone (htc tattoo), rooted and overclocked with a custom 1.6 rom. I'm willing to install android on my netbook (eee 1005ha) if necessary. My email is brunvt at

  12. Hi, I speak from France and really would like to be a beta tester.

    I got a Htc Desire with Froyio and a loooooot of time to try this.

  13. Samsung Galaxy S 8GB rooted
    If you dont have anyone testing this perticular device for you I will gladly do it.
    Ps3 is a 40GB model.


  14. I donated a couple of hours ago, I have a rooted Motorola Droid. You can reach me via my email

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  16. I just donated. I've got a rooted motorola milestone running motofrenzy (froyo 2.2) I can also test on 2.1 if you want.
    you can reach me at my email

  17. I will definately be willing to test this, I have a rooted HTC EVO 4G running 2.2 Ava-FroyoV6 and netarchy-toastmod Kernal. I am very familiar with Android OS/Custom ROMS and Apps, and would be able to give great feedback. Will deffinately be willing to donate $20 for this if selected.

  18. As said on twitter, I can donate your server requirement's, but not cash.
    Catch me on twitter if your interested.

  19. I love to try and contribute to this apk

    HTC G1 Cyanogen 5.0.7/Rooted obviously
    2 x PS3 : one with 3.41 and the other lower than 3.15 (used has linux server and media player only)

    im a webdeveloper for many years, and like to develop for others plataforms too, like android sdk etc

    I already made some projects with gps, background services, design views etc with sdk, if I can help, maybe design graphics or app framework (menus, preferences, gui etc) or other stuff, just say it...

    my mail

    ps-yesterday I try to develop a usb simple communication POC apk with sdk, but I dont see any classes for comunicate with usb, what classes are u using?, you made it, or using third party or maybe NDK

    when I read it works with all android devices, do you say that we dont have to build a serial cable like this one?
    in my case I have a G1, like I said

    thanks in advance
    and good luck

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  22. I would like to be a beta tester.

    I got my roommate to root his phone just so we could have a part in this.

    Please email me at

  23. I would like to participate as an Beta Tester of this awesome project.

    I've got an HTC Hero (rooted for 1 year now), and ready to turn my mobile into an hack for the PS3 (slim).

    Well, if you need me, im at home, or on school, or work, or .. nah.. just home @


  24. Hello, I'm interested in beta testing.
    I've just made a donation (confirmation number : 3PC213818W816122F, with the email : r***** wich is the email of my paypal account).
    I'm from France ^^, 25 yo and I have an Acer Liquid, wich is, of course, rooted and everything.

    By the way, here's my email for contact :

    Thanks a lot, and keep up the good work :)

  25. I would like to beta test for you. I have a rooted G1 running 2.2(Froyo,) I'm running the Chromatic 4.3 ROM which is based off of Cyanogen Mod 6 RC2(it might be RC3 but I don't remember). I am very tech savvy, I have built a computer(pretty high-end gaming beast, 4GB DDR3 RAM,1GB EVGA GTS 250 graphics card, Biostar TA790GX MoBo and a quad-core 3.4 Ghz CPU) and a hackinosh(custom built Macintosh) running 10.5.8 Leopard on the hackintosh, so I have some experience with Macs too. On the PS3, I was in the Home beta, LittleBigPlanet beta, killzone 2 beta, resistance 2 beta, and the MAG beta, and I have submitted ALOT of feedback to Sony while I was in those betas, and am planning on getting into the LittleBigPlanet 2 beta and if I get any extra beta codes for it(I had like 2 extra beta codes for the first LBP) I could give one of the extras to you. If you choose me to get into your beta, I won't let you down! My email is

  26. Hi
    i have Ipod 3g with Android 2.2
    PS3 SLIM 250gb 3.41FW

    Pick me :)
    I used to program my own chip's for PSX chipping when i was 13 yay :) and i love cracking my stuff :)
    some programming knowledge but it's been a while... PLEASE pick me for beta as im going blind n aint got a job n got fuck all else to do other than play with new toy's :)


    i am programming since beginning from android apps and roms

    android have NOT low level usb access to hardware

    you need this for the debug code transfer to ps3

    this netzke have not skillz
    only ripping donates

  28. Got a Incredible and an Eris and soon a G1 all rooted if you are still looking for beta testers. Down to donate but would like to see proof or progress first.

  29. Hi, congrats for your work!!! :)
    I have a Htc Magic with Froyo 2.2 (HtcClay Rom) with root permission.

    This is my email:

    contact me if you need beta tester...i can do it for your project!!! :)

  30. i would like to be a beta test
    g1 rooted 2.1 update
    ps3 80gb Backwards compatible.

  31. Would be happy to test. CompSci student, operating rooted 2.2 Droid1. Contact me at fgonnello *at*

  32. I'd be interested in beta testing this stuff for you. I own a Kaiser that I can flash with any version of Android as needed. (1.6, 2.1, 2.2... you name it) (which, stock does not run Android, however there's a port for it that provides full functionality)

    It should allow for full USB debug mode. If this exploit works on a Kaiser, then it should definitely work on any Android phone. It's not even designed to be an Android phone!

    Shoot me an email if you're interested, I'd appreciate it :)
    kirby64 AT gmail DOT com

  33. DOnation is a down payment for once we get something up and running. Great job, dev!

  34. I'm an amateur Android dev with both a Samsung Galaxy S and HTC Desire. Both rooted and i've both a slim and fat PS3 to test with.

    Rooted already and am willing to test this out and give you worthwhile test results.

    Send me an email if you need another tester

  35. Hi,

    I'd be interested in testing the beta. I own a HTC Wildfire (Buzz), with 2.1 rooted, Nexus One 2.2 Rooted, Magic 1.6 Rooted & Hero 1.5 Rooted. And I have a PS3 Fat in 3.30 upgradable to 3.41 if necessary ;)

    Cheers & great job ;)

  36. I've got a sprint HTC hero 2.1, rooted.
    Let me know if you need a tester. I know my way around linux very well, but the phone is new, and I'm new to android. Let me know
    crowell bu edu

  37. Samsung galaxy 1.6.3 galaxo - rooted currently running at 710mhz.

    android version is 1.6

    willing to do the beta

  38. I can be a beta tester, I have all the specs to become one, I develop softwares, was beta tester on OLPC notebook too and graduated in Computer Science.

    My contact is:

  39. I have a milestone, 2.1 rooted and with JIT enabled

  40. ok rooted my my touch slide sent 20cad

    Confirmation number: 0TC45923MU9901443ad paypal
    i would love to beta test sent as kittygirl229 but perfer mail at
    thanks man please let me know

  41. Hello,
    I would be willing to help beta test this for you. I have an rooted nexus one, rooted vibrant, and rooted 3g slide. I also have 3 ps3s to test on, old unupdated fat 60gb, updated slim, and fat 40 gb current os.
    Thanks for the chance of beta testing, I hope your progress, and testing go well.

  42. I have an HTC Hero CDMA, and Moto Droid CDMA. they are both very popular devices here in the US.
    I rooted both of them.
    I have played with virtual serial ports for the moto droid and know how to get to different modes, Diag, recovery...
    On the Hero, I have a new Rom every other day; I'm a big fan of AOSP.
    I would talk to Cyanogen to have this APP be included by default when you release it publicly, if you like.
    I would love o be a beta tester. I have a slim PS3 with many 40 PS3 games that I can confirm working.

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  44. Got an Android HTC Desire with Bootloader to boot 2.1 (Eclair) and 2.2 (Froyo)...
    Also Developer and long experience in linux =D

    If you still need more beta testers, i would help you getting it started ^^


  45. Hi there. Radin from Singapore here.
    I would like to be one of your humble beta tester.
    My Android phone spec:
    - HTC Magic
    - firmware 1.6 donut
    - rooted
    You can email to me at:

    Btw, i've donated to you.

  46. Hey ! I want to be beta tester !
    I'm software engeener, i run gnu/linux on my computer and my phone is a rooter htc desire ! My ps3 is a european 60gb ps3

  47. Hi,

    I'd like to participate in the Beta testing. I've got a Fat 40GB PS3. You can contact me at desyphix[at]gmail[dot]com

    Phone is a Samsung Galaxy S 2.1 Rooted