Friday, September 3, 2010

Good morning.

Good morning again everyone. Today will be an exciting day as I have a lot of stuff lined up for everyone watching.

Due to popular demand we will be increasing the beta tester amount. I will be emailing one of my testers to help me manage them shortly and together we will decide on a new amount that would be reasonably managed.

On the note of beta testers I was sleeping guys, be reasonable. :P . Donates will be chosen first.. Don't worry as I'm still looking through people who have not donated for testers too. If you have not yet received your email please be patient. I just woke up.

Proof will be coming in later today. Hopefully in the form of a video if not I will for sure be getting some pictures up and a detailed 'where we are' progress report.

Thanks for being patient guys and thanks so much for all the support. I really appreciate it.


  1. Thanks for the daily updates!
    I hope there is a beta tester spot in there for me, ive posted in like all of your posts.

    Anyways, looking forward to the videos.

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  3. Would like to beta test!

    HTC Desire - Android 2.2 rooted
    PS3 60gb Launch
    PS3 80gb

    Masters in computer science.


  4. hey netzke,
    Goodmorning sunshine! :)

    I'm checking your blog and twitter every half hour. I really want to thank you for all your hard work.

    As you will increase the beta testers team, I have a rooted htc desire. I would like to help if possible.

    Keep up the good work,
    I'll sure make a donation when I have a working app!

  5. forgot my email addy:

    rapid2007 [..TheAtSign..]

  6. Ive got a rooted G2 and PS3 Slim 250gb, also java programmer and done some android, if you need to pass a few bugs my way im happy to help

  7. If its makes something i have iPhone 2G with iDroid and PS3 fat with some old firmware(pre-otheros removing). If it can help in development iam allways ready for some test.

  8. I've got a Nokia N900 running NITDroid, a Android port for N900, and would like to see if PSj will work on NITDroid, if it will then you will wipe someones nose, as they are developing a port of PS Groove for N900. I am willing to donate to be included in the beta testers list.

    Master in computer science.
    80gb Phat PS3
    120GB Slim PS3

    Email: audrius.butkevicius[at]

  9. heh amazing so swift
    hmm... i wonder will work with a psp model too...i hav a 120 phat ps3 htc ..ect. and andriod ..ect.

  10. I would be glad to do some kind video if accepted
    60gb ps3 rooted mytouch slide 3g

  11. Hello,

    I would like test your android application, I have a Samsung Galaxy
    with Android Galaxo 1.6.4.
    I'm French, and if you accept me, i can post the progress into the french ps3 forum.

    Email :

    Good luck!

  12. I'd like to beta test...

    HTC Hero 2.2

    40gig fat PS3


  13. I'd really like to participate to the Beta of this wonderfull project.

    I've got a rooted HTC Hero, PS3 250G slim (CECH-2004b)

    I\ve got alot of time to test since I do not do any kind of work. Only programming other stuff. Maybe if I would turn out to beta-test, I can try to make a little homebrew for the android project.

    Well, if you would like to reach me, email me at

    Thanks anyway.

  14. i want to beta test.

    android phone 1 : samsung i5700
    OS version : 1.5

    android phone 2 : samsung i5700
    OS version : 2.1

    ps3 console 1 : fat 40gb
    OFW : 3.15 (i can update to 3.41 if it needs to be done)

    ps3 console 2 : slim 120gb
    OFW : 3.41

    Thank you in advance.

    p.s. : Both my phones are rooted and ready to test the PSGroove port for android.

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  16. just saying a thank you for your efforts i could only afford 20 dollar donation but when i get paid ill donate again anyways cant wait to see this beta in action but take your time and just do your best.

  17. I have no money at the moment but I would donate to you if I had any :(

    My email is I have an HTC G1 running 2.1 firmware (Super-E, loosely based off Cyanogen) and a PS3 Slim which I haven't upgraded to 3.41 yet but will for testing of your app

  18. that last comment was not my account i dont know who logged in acc on my pc should be moddenation@gmail showing up as daddy. please dont respond to acc i think its my wifes work email
    also i show up as kittygirl229 or dayna

  19. Would like to Beta

    PHONE: HTC Eris running KAOS Froyo

    PS3: 60GB OS 3.41

    the.dxfl at

  20. I have a rooted incredilbe with the official OTA froyo 2.2 update.
    If there is still availability, I would be excited to help beta test.

  21. when you release this porting?!!?!?!?!?!? :)

  22. I have a HTC Desire but not rooted...
    Does the phone have to be rooted in order to work?

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  24. I can help you betatest, too:

    Samsung Galaxy S
    FROYO build / rooted
    Ps3 3.41

    Will donate as soon as I see progress / proof.
    e-mail: Coffein at gmail .com

  25. i would like to beta test.

    Have rooted Desire, with leedroid 2.0a
    PS3 slim 250GB

    My e-mail is:

    Thanks in advance (:

  26. Would like to beta test!
    Samsung Spica i5700 soft:2.1 samdroid root

    ps3 console: fat 40gb
    OFW : 3.41


  27. I would like to beta test
    I have a G1 running Froyo and a Fat 80GB(now 500GB :)
    I'm from Argentina and I have a mayor in "Informatic Engineering".

    Contact me @

  28. Boom! there you go, $15 donated, more to come when a release is made! I've a HTC hero for testing :) rooted with villainrom 1.4. ps3 phat 40gb

    keyz182@gmail. com

  29. haha people are actually donating with no proof

  30. Hello, congratulation for your work. I've been beta tester for skyfire android 1.5 rooted, I own a htc magic, and I would love to test your psgroove.


  31. If you need another beta tester i've got an HTC Desire with rooted FroYo and a PAL 60GB PS3.
    I'm a student of informatic engineering, so i can help you too.

  32. Donated $15!

    Good luck, Looking forward to the beta!

    PS3 Phat + X10 mini (rooted)